A message from CAD… March 17, 2020

Today our Governor Ned Lamont gave us an update at 4:30pm with an interpreter Mary Sue Owens.  According to the previous email that was sent out yesterday, Milmaglyn mentioned that they would share the updates at 3pm everyday.  We learned that they share updates at a various times.  So be sure to check your local news regularly for any new updates on Coronavirus.

A message from CAD… March 16, 2020.

Video description: Milmaglyn has a curly black hair.  She is wearing a black glasses and black solid shirt.  She is standing in a blue solid background.


English transcript:  


Hello Everyone, This is Milmaglyn Morales representing CAD to discuss the Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19.  

There are few points that we want to share with you:

 1. Stay calm

2. Stay away from crowds

3. Wash your hands frequently

4. There is so much information out there- through social media such as Facebook, etc. but be careful because some information might be not accurate.   

5. The information keeps changing every day and it is important to follow your local news.  The Governor has been giving updates every day around 3PM with an interpreter and captions. (For next few weeks).  We will update when it is necessary. As of now, we are aware that there are some times we do not see interpreter(s) or captions on TV but we are working towards that to make sure that we have interpreter visible at all times on TV and have captions.  Your feedback is valuable.

CAD will not have a board meeting in Stamford on March 24th but will have a Zoom meeting with the board members to update.  Follow us on our website which is up and running now. 

We want you to be safe and healthy.

Thank you

A message from our CAD Volleyball Coordinator Barbara Cassin…

Video description: Barbara is sitting on a rocking chair in her home. She is wearing a University of Connecticut blue sweatshirt. 

English transcript:

Hello, I am Barbara Cassin, Chairperson for CAD volleyball tournament. I need to inform you that the volleyball tournament will be cancelled on April 4th. The reason is because of the coronavirus concerns. This is for your safety. I apologize that we have to cancel. Those teams who have sent their team fees, I will return them to you. We may be able to host the tournament again in the fall or next spring but no date has been set up yet. I will keep you informed. Again my apologies.

Please help spread the word that the tournament is cancelled on April 4th If you have any questions feel free to email me at bjcola@comcast.net
Thank you!

A message from our CAD President Luisa…

Luisa is wearing a brown shirt and glasses, sitting in the white background.

English transcript:

Hello everyone. I am Luisa Gasco-Soboleski, President of Connecticut Association of the Deaf, CAD.
Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May 2020 bring you all much happiness, good health and peace.
Let me explain the goals of CAD for next two years. We want to work together collaboratively meaning working with other deaf/hard of hearing organizations in Connecticut. Some of the goals will be: To improve the VRI/Interpreters in the hospital settings, mental health services, education and senior citizens services.
CAD officers including myself, Lucy Trusock(Vice President), Barbara Cassin (Secretary), Robert Backofen (Treasurer), Milmaglyn Morales (Law Chair), Representatives: Paul Ditimi (Southwestern CT ), Barbara Bajurny (Northwestern), Danielle Guy (Eastern), Alexandra McGee (South Central), Barbara Morris (North Central), Dr. Harvey Corson Legislative Chair and Sandra Inzinga (Past President) want to work with you, deaf/hard of hearing/deaf blind community.
As you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, so we all do have the same vision. It is important that we all work together. We cannot do all the work ourselves (alone) and need you to be part of the community. The board wants you to be part of us by joining and working with us.
For next few weeks, we will set up vlogs explaining our missions and please do share your feedback with us. With your support we can make our state a better place for deaf/hard of hearing/deaf blind citizens.
Thank you!

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