CAD News – July 20, 2020



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Hi I am Barbara Cassin, CAD Secretary.  I wanted to share 2 things with you that are related to CT courts.  Beginning this Monday, July 20, some courthouses will be open again for court business, not all, only about 8.  Please see the list below for the locations.
When you go to court you are required to wear face masks.  Their hours will be 9am-5pm.  They are available to be contacted through phone (video, VRS) or walk-in.  To save time we suggest you try to solve problems before arriving at the court.
Due to the Covid19 pandemic many people have been impacted financially.  Governor Lamont has extended the date to prevent people from being evicted to August 25th.
These are the two updates CAD wanted to share with you.
Be healthy, stay safe, and enjoy your summer.

A message from CAD President… June 25, 2020

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Hello Everyone, I am Luisa Gasco-Soboleski, President of CAD (the CT Association of the Deaf). First of all, I want to express my feelings about the BLM. I was emotionally upset to see what had happened to George Floyd few weeks ago in Minnesota. It was wrong of that group of police officers causing his death and I was disgusted over their behavior! It is time for all of us to work together and help each other by listening and support each other.

Tomorrow CAD is sponsoring the Black Deaf Lives Matter and we encourage you to watch it. It will be on CAD Facebook live starting at 7 PM. The flyer is attached below. We want to take this opportunity to thank Milmaglyn Morales for hosting this panel and the people who are involved on this panel. For your information, it will be voice interpreted and we want to take this opportunity to thank the interpreters for doing this.

As the president, I got the information from the CT Cross Disability Lifespan Alliance that I would like to share with you all. The information will also be attached to this. It is a self-explanatory but I am going over few points. This relates to what is going on across America on torture and murder of George Floyd, and the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, the black community is susceptible to this virus because of the preexisting conditions caused by poverty, lack of health care, lack of access to adequate nutrition and the work in front line low wage jobs. Many of them work in front lines like in the supermarkets, sanitation departments, and many other places which might be susceptible to the virus.

Many of us who have benefited from white privilege must actively involve in dismantling the white supremacy. We must not make this about ourselves but there are things that we can do. We need to stop the racism. By doing this, we must do our work to stop white supremacist organizations by increasing the numbers of people of color throughout the Alliance and the disability rights movement, especially in leadership positions. The resources are listed on the form.

In closing, please keep this in mind that we need to work together as a team by supporting and helping one other! Especially during this time with the COVID 19, we need to keep ourselves and others safe by using masks, keep distance and wash our hands often. Hope you stay safe and thank you for watching this vlog.

Flier 3

Disability Rights Connecticut is looking for People to Join Our Board of Directors

Please feel free to follow up with the interim Executive Director, Bob Joondeph at if you have any questions.

A Message from CAD President – May 18, 2020

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Hi Everyone, I am Luisa Gasco-Soboleski, President of the Connecticut Association of the Deaf.


I am very sorry for not getting on the vlog for a while as I have been having problems with video and other things pertaining the deaf/hard of hearing/deaf blind community during this pandemic (Coronavirus). Hope this finds you all healthy and safe. Again we want to emphasize how important for everyone to stay safe by using mask, washing your hands frequently, and staying 6 feet away from others (socially distance). It is important to watch our governor, Ned Lamont’s updates every day. Please be careful when it comes to the social media and it can be misleading. Slow opening is important and please follow the safety protocols given by our state.

We got the forms on Tips for Healthcare Provider which I am attaching at the end of this. All hospitals in CT should have this copy. Thank you Yale New Haven Health for making this possible.

We also have the listing for the mental health (counselors, therapists, etc.) and it is also attached. Please share with others. It is important that we stay safe, calm and keep in touch with our family members, friends, and the community. We are grateful that we have wonderful technology to keep all of us connected. Please feel free to contact us if you need any support, feedback or any input. We are also working on interpreters in the hospitals and other important things through virtual meetings. 

Again, we want to thank our interpreters, educators, healthcare workers, and all essential workers like police, firemen, grocery store workers, all the restaurants that have take-out services and many others.

Stay safe and be well.  

Thank you!

  1. A message from CAD… April 25, 2020

Video description: Barbara Cassin, our CAD secretary, is wearing blue sweatshirt and standing in the background of her log cabin wall.

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CAD, we know Covid19 (Coronavirus) has changed our lives in many ways! Staying home, wearing masks & gloves, physical distance, … but at same time life goes on. Things still happen, one example, court. CAD did investigate to be sure we can give you the correct information.
1st – everything related to jury duty is cancelled for now
2nd – if you already have an attorney for your case, COMMUNICATE with her/him. Many things they will do “remotely” (phone, computer, …) with court. Many things will be postponed/continued. Your attorney will tell you.
3rd – if you already have a case but no attorney, you can look online what is status (what is happening) your case. Go to: on left side is blue box, see “case look-up” you can check your case status there, or call the clerk’s office at the courthouse (open Mon, Wed, Fri)
4th – if you do not have a case yet but want to file, you can go to There is much info there. OR Call the clerk’s office at the courthouse (open M, W, F.)

Last, if not sure what to do please feel free to contact
Barbara Cassin –VP: 860-531-4963 I will try to help you find the right contact person who can answer your questions.

Yes, right now, it is a scary and confusing time. Many things are changing very quickly. Often “they” do not think about access for us in the D/DB/HH community. This is why CAD is trying to keep watching and advocating. We want to be sure “they” do what they are supposed to do, but until that happens we still want to be sure you are getting the information. Please do not wait to contact us if any questions or concerns. CAD is here for all of you, all of us, to be sure we are all safe.
Thank you.

A message from CAD… April 21, 2020

CAD has collected and received resources that we would like to share with you:


Governor Lamont is encouraging Connecticut residents to sign up for CTAlert, the state’s emergency alert system, which provides text message notifications to users. To subscribe, text the keyword COVIDCT to 888-777.


For the most up-to-date information from the State of Connecticut on COVID-19, including an FAQ and other guidance and resources, residents are encouraged to visit


Our State of Connecticut website has an information on Coronavirus for Individuals with Disabilities. (



DRCT Resident Rights During COVID 4.9.2020

Flier Transcript:

Disability Rights Connecticut
Justice. Community. Inclusion.


Know Your Rights
The law protects individuals with disabilities from discrimination in facilities, employment, education, and in your communities.  This does not change during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Even in a crisis, you have the right to live, work, learn, and access your community without discrimination or increased safety risks due to COVID-19.

What rights may be at risk during COVID-19?
The right to the same medical care as anyone else even if you have other conditions,
The right to receive school-based supports and services,
The right to adequate direct care staff for activities of daily living,
The right to receive services in a healthy setting

How can DRCT help?
DRCT staff are working remotely.  You can still contact us if you have questions about your legal rights during this crisis, if you believe you are experiencing disability-related discrimination impacted by COVID-19 or are having trouble accessing information related to COVID-19.


(800) 842-7303 (toll-free in CT) (860) 297-4300 (voice) (860) 509-4992 (videophone)
(860) 296-0055 (fax) |

A message from CAD… March 17, 2020

Today our Governor Ned Lamont gave us an update at 4:30pm with an interpreter Mary Sue Owens.  According to the previous email that was sent out yesterday, Milmaglyn mentioned that they would share the updates at 3pm everyday.  We learned that they share updates at a various times.  So be sure to check your local news regularly for any new updates on Coronavirus.

A message from CAD… March 16, 2020.

Video description: Milmaglyn has a curly black hair.  She is wearing a black glasses and black solid shirt.  She is standing in a blue solid background.


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Hello Everyone, This is Milmaglyn Morales representing CAD to discuss the Coronavirus, also known as COVID 19.  

There are few points that we want to share with you:

 1. Stay calm

2. Stay away from crowds

3. Wash your hands frequently

4. There is so much information out there- through social media such as Facebook, etc. but be careful because some information might be not accurate.   

5. The information keeps changing every day and it is important to follow your local news.  The Governor has been giving updates every day around 3PM with an interpreter and captions. (For next few weeks).  We will update when it is necessary. As of now, we are aware that there are some times we do not see interpreter(s) or captions on TV but we are working towards that to make sure that we have interpreter visible at all times on TV and have captions.  Your feedback is valuable.

CAD will not have a board meeting in Stamford on March 24th but will have a Zoom meeting with the board members to update.  Follow us on our website which is up and running now. 

We want you to be safe and healthy.

Thank you

A message from our CAD Volleyball Coordinator Barbara Cassin…

Video description: Barbara is sitting on a rocking chair in her home. She is wearing a University of Connecticut blue sweatshirt. 

English transcript:

Hello, I am Barbara Cassin, Chairperson for CAD volleyball tournament. I need to inform you that the volleyball tournament will be cancelled on April 4th. The reason is because of the coronavirus concerns. This is for your safety. I apologize that we have to cancel. Those teams who have sent their team fees, I will return them to you. We may be able to host the tournament again in the fall or next spring but no date has been set up yet. I will keep you informed. Again my apologies.

Please help spread the word that the tournament is cancelled on April 4th If you have any questions feel free to email me at
Thank you!

A message from our CAD President Luisa…

Luisa is wearing a brown shirt and glasses, sitting in the white background.

English transcript:

Hello everyone. I am Luisa Gasco-Soboleski, President of Connecticut Association of the Deaf, CAD.
Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May 2020 bring you all much happiness, good health and peace.
Let me explain the goals of CAD for next two years. We want to work together collaboratively meaning working with other deaf/hard of hearing organizations in Connecticut. Some of the goals will be: To improve the VRI/Interpreters in the hospital settings, mental health services, education and senior citizens services.
CAD officers including myself, Lucy Trusock(Vice President), Barbara Cassin (Secretary), Robert Backofen (Treasurer), Milmaglyn Morales (Law Chair), Representatives: Paul Ditimi (Southwestern CT ), Barbara Bajurny (Northwestern), Danielle Guy (Eastern), Alexandra McGee (South Central), Barbara Morris (North Central), Dr. Harvey Corson Legislative Chair and Sandra Inzinga (Past President) want to work with you, deaf/hard of hearing/deaf blind community.
As you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, so we all do have the same vision. It is important that we all work together. We cannot do all the work ourselves (alone) and need you to be part of the community. The board wants you to be part of us by joining and working with us.
For next few weeks, we will set up vlogs explaining our missions and please do share your feedback with us. With your support we can make our state a better place for deaf/hard of hearing/deaf blind citizens.
Thank you!

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